MailChimp Submit Button Color Change Video 2

This is video 2, showing you how to use the Firebug plugin to complete this task.  If you want a sign-up form on your page and do not want to pay for an auto-responder service, this is one way that could work for you.

No hype a short video that allows you to rewind and re-watch as much as needed, building your list and creating bespoke sign-up forms and landing pages has never been so easy....

MailChimp Submit Button Color Change

  • I wanted to have an email capture form on my blog
  • I want to use MailChimp - the free account
  • I couldn't find the answer online
  • I needed to work it out for myself

I done it a great little technique you're gonna love - WHY?

Change Bullets In Blogger

I've seen a few explanations of how to change bullets in blogger and although a few of them gave me a good idea of what to do none of them worked.  In the end I started from igoogle and used the inspect element tool.  This way helped me find the CSS that was controling the list.  I went on to change bullets in blogger and remove them.  Quite easy once your given the path to take, will be doing a short video and uploading it in this post so check back soon.

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