MailChimp Submit Button Color Change

  • I wanted to have an email capture form on my blog
  • I want to use MailChimp - the free account
  • I couldn't find the answer online
  • I needed to work it out for myself

I done it a great little technique you're gonna love - WHY?

Because you will be able to use the method for any element on any page.  Seriously - you see something you like on a web page and would like to have something like it on your site.  This techniques shows you how to not only implement MailChimp Submit Button Color Change but how to inspect any element on a page.

Before you Implement any changes to your blogger template save your Blogger template

MailChimp Submit Button Color Change Video 1

The Second part of this video course will be uploaded over the next day or two and the post will be finished off. The code you can copy is below

MailChimp Submit Button Color Change Code

This is to difficult to see take me to the full page version

The embed code above is just a quick view of the code you need click on the link to make it easy to see the code to copy and paste.

Video 2 of this tutorial can be found at


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